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MoLI - Museum of Literature Ireland

Branding + Print

Welcome to MoLI, Museum of Literature Ireland, the name and brand identity for a new museum dedicated to the world’s greatest storytellers. MoLI is a creative alliance to showcase the NLI’s James Joyce collection within UCD‘s most historic property, Newman House.

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Originally, the proposed name for the museum was The Ulysses Centre but we wanted to give it the gravitas it deserved and, working in collaboration with museum director, Simon O'Connor, MoLI was born. Drawing inspiration from Joyce’s muse Molly Bloom, the mark itself houses a nod to Joyce’s most iconic feature, his glasses, which become a window into his world.

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A 21st century museum scheduled to open Spring 2019, the vision is that of a friendly, accessible and unique space with dynamic programmes and interactive exhibitions with an overarching brand identity which reflects this.

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A bright colour palette coming from the Colorplan paper range was chosen for both print and digital with the Turquoise being the dominant colour to commemorate the original first edition of Ulysses.

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